Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tracyville's Handmade Homestead Project Starts Today! :)

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I shared some pillows that I made for my studio last week. Well, I've now 1) made more pillows for my studio nook and 2) I've turned this handmaking "project" into a bonafide "project". Haha! I'm going to kick off the Tracyville Handmade Homestead Project with these handmade pillows, but get the full dealie down below... :) 

Scrap-o-licious scraps!

As you may know, I have a new live/work space that I have to [find time to] design. There are so many design styles that I love - mid century modern, modern, modern vintage, junk gypsy (not officially a style, but a distinct style nonetheless), ethnic, bohemian, even some aspects of country), so I'm trying to narrow my focus, and/or find a way to include all the things I love in a cohesive way.

I was visiting Apartment Therapy Tuesday night and drooling at all of the amazing small spaces and all of the incredible things that folks do with these amazing small spaces. Fast forward about 18 hours later to when I started thinking about all the things I want to buy for my space, like designer knock-off chairs, a couple of stools, a couple of lamps, an end table, a side table, blah, blah, blah.

The next thing ya know, something stopped my mind mapping activity and I veered off in the direction of "hey, how about I don't buy anything. How about I do what I do best and make everything." Suddenly my soul was on fire and I'm sure a pensively delicious grin traveled across my face at the mere idea of this. Then I continued to think "yeah, not only will I make EVERYTHING, but I'll take it a step farther and use only what I have to make everything. Well, what I have, what I find (dumpster finds) and what people give me (folks know I'm always turning this into that, so they call and ask if I want such and such), and see what-the-what I come up with. And this my friends was the moment the Tracyville Handmade Homestead Project was born (around 4pm yesterday). (lol)

So from this moment on, I'm going to document/share the total journey of my Handmade Homestead Project right here - every little thing I make, leading up to when I put it all together and call it finished. That said, let's enjoy this handmade journey together. Stay plugged in to see what ideas I come up with... ;D

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