Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Busy Ladies' Craft-O-Matic De-Stressor In A Box - Complete Kits + Updates

I mentioned in an earlier post that I updated the box covers (sample above), but I also made some other updates as well to The Busy Ladies' Craft-O-Matic De-stressor Kits and here they are:  

1. illustrated box top, so you can easily see which character is inside the kits.
2. colorful character name card in Tracyville's signature typography.
3. blouse/shirt for each character

Below are some of the kits with their new updates and a sample kit that I worked on. They are now listed in my shop, so go get your coloring and craft on with The Busy Ladies' Craft-O-Matic De-Stressor In A Box' Kits:)

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