Friday, September 4, 2015

Tracy Flavored DIY: How To Upcycle A Cardboard Box Into A Blackboard

This tutorial is so super easy and so super fast AND the results are awesome! Let's rock...

. cardboard box (desired size)
. chalkboard paint
. paintbrush
. hot glue gun / hot glue
. jute, yarn, or string
. hole puncher
. chalk


- Paint the front and sides of your cardboard box. I painted the inside of mine because the outside of the box had labels and stickers on it.

- Fold the box so that only the painted side shows.

- Glue the back flaps together with a hot glue gun.

- To make a hanger in the back, punch 2 holes on the back flaps, pull your jute, string, or yarn through the holes and tie in place. 

- Hand up your awesome, new, diy chalkboard on the wall and proceed to write your to-do list or draw something awesome on it!

NOTE: Once I glued the back of my box together, I was amazed at how it resembled a real art canvas. So cool!

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