Monday, November 30, 2015

Dolls Need To Be Stuffed

Next stop for these girlies? Stuffers Junction. The stuffing phase process is almost a bit magical, (even though it takes way longer than I want it to), because it is at this point that you can see how uniquely individual each doll is. (I'm trying to explain this without sounding weird. haha)  Also, the clothing for each doll is not chosen haphazardly. Every piece of fabric, ribbon, rick-rack, yarn, lace, etc., has been chosen exclusively for each doll. Perhaps this is a doll maker's thing, but the faces on the dolls need to "match" its clothing. Does that make sense? Maybe I should stop talking now. And I think I will. I've got more plushies to make.

By the way, these photos make these dolls look like they constructed from white fabric. The fabric is actually a natural colored, organic cotton. Some people would also call it off-white, eggshell, cream colored. Any of those descriptions will do.


This is an update to the earlier post above. Little miss polka dots has been stuffed and now she's ready for tags and packaging. Yes! This elf is checking off the assignments on her maker list one by one.

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