Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pink Haired Plush Doll

I am so happy to be making dolls again. I think I got a little rusty, because it took over a week to design this pattern. Criminy! 

I sketched out many bodies and faces and made several patterns and then when I did a test run on them, if you will, it wasn't working for me. The head was too big, the head was too small, the faces weren't right...sheesh! Frustration, work, frustration, work, work, work. For a hot minute, I thought I lost my doll-making touch. 

Then the light...

I referenced my own illustrations (something I do when I feel stuck or lost). Once I did that, I squared up the body like some of the square headed girls I draw and sirens started to sing. I finally felt like I had it and once I drew in the features, it was confirmed. It felt good and I finally liked what I saw. I hope you guys like what you see, because she will have sisters. Ha ha! 

PS: I LOVE her pink hair!! Standing at the Joann's cutting table while your fabric is being cut can be a bit ho-hum. As my mind wandered, so did my eyes - all the way down an aisle where this awesome pink yarn sat, begging me to pluck it from the shelf. I couldn't resist. The color is f.a.b.u.l..o.u.s!!!   

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