Monday, December 14, 2015

Animal Plush Doll: Eugenia The Cat

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Eugenia A. Broadbent III, This fashionable kitty is the latest plush I've created for the Tracyvillager Collection. She will ultimately be added to the shop, where she will be joined by a rabbit friend, a bear friend and probably other animal friendies that I'll conjure up, because what would Tracyville be without animals in the village.

Eugenia Bio: 

1. her original name was Thomasina, but after googling spellings of her name this morning, I came upon another cat named Thomasina - from the 60's - that movies were based on - so I changed her name.
2. she has a penchant for the stuffed hearts that I make and requested that she be photographed with one.
3. she has a British accent though she was born in New York City to American parents, but she was educated and raised mostly in the UK.
4. she is a definite fashionista and you will see her many outfits in the near future.
5. she doesn't care for abbreviations of her name, or nicknames...unless you know her very well.

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