Monday, August 22, 2016

The Writing Files No. 1 : Love Anew

L o v e   A n e w

just what I needed, but didn't think I wanted

carried in on dreamy piscean waters
and ascending out of the blue

and you lit everything on fire

acutely unlike what I had known

you came bearing gifts 
and submitted them to me
the gifts of love, lust, passion, attraction, romance, acceptance, tolerance, respect, understanding, self awareness, accountability, open mindedness, patience, honesty, communication, integrity, silliness, fun, swagger, fire, being present...

and oh, how you have perfected the art of being present in a moment

acutely unlike what I had known

astute knowledge of how to love   ----  me
and flawlessly allowing me to surrender what I haven't given in so, so long

my expired nightmare was one of intolerance, judgement, disrespect, disregard and mockery

and then, there was you

the sweet opposition brought forth to help me erase the dreadful nightmare that was.

sensuality and sexuality residing side by side, like seductive flirting neighbors, with that fervently high goody-good factor. 
oh . my . damn!
2 beings as one, in all things, in all places - in places where 2 should not be 1.

same culture; same sign
similarities unforeseen
what are the chances?

and that instantaneous connection that was damn near too much to bear
oh . my . damn!

shall we continue to play feverishly under the piscean moon and under the...?
we 2, intertwined like we do.
i know you want to,

because oh . my . damn!

Happy Monday, everybody! Here's something to start your week off on a love note. Spread love!


  1. Aw, thanks! Like magic, I turn into a writer. It's all about having the right muse that makes your heart + body quake! Haha!