Thursday, September 1, 2016

Meet My New Soap Line!

A Little Soap Tale: 

Firstly, Happy September, everybody! Let's start the month off with this announcement: Uh...I make soaps...but let's backtrack. In July, I made the decision to stop using crappy commercial soaps on my body and crappy detergent shampoos. Mainly because my body is transitioning (into the world of aging) and I wanted to help it externally, since I've been working on it internally. That said, I started making my own soaps (actually, returned to making them as I used to make them back in the day) because I know that they'd be made from only all natural, healthy, vegan ingredients (and by the way, my hair and skin are much happier already).

The soap was supposed to be only for me and family members, but then, as fate would have it, my east coast "Mamitas" came for a visit and were not only drooling over the soaps, but started claiming them as their own and to watch them getting drunk from smelling the soaps was quite a site. Their response made me take the soapmaking thing to another level - the level of creating a soap line. 

So I trotted off to Google to see what was out there. What I found, was tons of soapmakers! I also found lots of lovely packaging and knew immediately that I wanted to do something totally different from what I saw. Being an illustrator, the natural thing for me was to illustrate my brand. I wanted my packaging to be as natural as the soap themselves, with no intervention of computers, so I hand illustrated and hand lettered the labels as to achieve a truly hand made aesthetic - that featured messages meant to uplift, inspire, entertain and bring joy.

Come follow my Instagram page to see all the cool, artsy soaps up close and to stay in the loop of my soapy adventures.

You can get your illustrated soap bars tomorrow when my shop re-opens at 12 noon PST.

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