Friday, September 9, 2016

The Writing Files No. 2 : J'aime


i love walking in light with you
i love how much you love our conversations
i love that you get me
i love that you understand & respect privacy
i love that you let me be me
i love that you're in shape and eat healthy 
i love how it's not a chore for you to be present
i love how you treat me in public and behind closed doors
i love when you take my hand when i least expect it
i love that way only you look at me & the glow in your eyes when you do it
i love how you nuzzle into me when you're vulnerable and/or feeling some kind of way
i love your character, your integrity & your way of being
i love that you're not insufferably impatient & intolerant & gossipy
i love your swagger, your walk, how your body moves, how you dress,
i love immensely the timbre of your raspy voice
i love to close my eyes & listen to that sexy voice when you speak in the language of our ancestors
i love your love
i love your cuddles
i love the sound of your laugh
i love the things you laugh at
i love your passion and emotion
i love our commonalities
i love your pretty feet & your luscious swooping curls that I can't get enough of
i love that you let me play in your you-ness
i love your curiosity with my me-ness
i love your gentle kisses behind ears, on shoulders, mid back, nape of neck & elsewhere
i love how you travel roads on the body map
i love how you navigate your gps
i love your childlike playfulness
i love your family and their happy, expressive, passionate, emotional, loving ways toward me
i love your kind nature
i love you (beyond all possible measure of this petite, huge word)

i    l o v e    u s
NOTE: After receiving feedback about this poem a few days ago, I finally remembered to let you know that J'aime is not a proper name. It is a contraction of 2 French words - je + aime - meaning I love, or I like. :)

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