Monday, November 21, 2016

New Art : The Girl With The Sideways Glance

That girl with the red afro-puffs, black lipstick and sideways glance...

I made her after seeing my work on someone's Instagram page with no credit whatsoever (thus, the sideways glance). I'm always struck when I see people sharing artists' work with no credit given. The first thing I think when I see art is: WHO IS THE ARTIST? The 2nd thing I think is, if this person who so carelessly, disrespectfully and thoughtlessly, shares another person's work, was actually the person who spent hours, days, or weeks conceiving of an idea, then sitting in a room, by themselves, working for hours, days or weeks to execute their idea until completion, only to have someone feel entitled to share what they created and gave them no credit, they would feel exactly the same as any creator would feel.

Anyway, I'm crushing on this girl, so you'll be seeing a couple of different versions of this one. She's on her way to my shop.

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