Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Writing Files No. 3 : Sabor


there was that day.
there was that evening.
there was that space

brimming with so many beautiful ones
and we fit in like perfect puzzle pieces.

many bejeweled hands filled with wine glasses 
and feet positioned in breathtaking shoes.
i, engaged in conversation with lovely strangers
and you
twinning across the room.

momentarily floated out of conversation to gaze upon you,
only to find you were already gazing.
almond shaped cocoa eyes, met your hazel beauties.

soft, sexy, half smiles from pretty lips
beckoning looks, desirous eyes
and wonderment unspoken.

i felt your touch here, here, here... and here
with nary a flick of your finger.
not knowing at the time,
that, that mighty, voluminous moment, foretold 
that my elephantesque nightmare was over

and a moonlit, starry dream had begun.

*sabor: a Spanish word meaning flavor. :)

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