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Hi! I'm Tracy - self-taught artist, illustrator, hand letterer, product designer, green lifestylist, utter diy-er, peddler of handmade goods and blogger. It's hard for me to believe I didn't always live and breathe art, but my domestic and foreign education consisted of zero art classes. Though I never really drew, painted or made art as a youngster, I was ALWAYS making something...anything...like clothes, pillows, stuffed dolls and more.  

The art piece came to me later in life. In 1994, I created a publication (that I found out many, many years later was actually called a "zine") to encourage inner-city children to develop a love of reading called 'Kid's Press'. I wrote, edited, illustrated, published and was in love with that sweet publication for the 7 years that I did it. With each new issue of  Kid's Press, I found myself falling in love with illustrating and drawing and in 2001 my pen turned into a paintbrush and I never looked back at an art free existence. 

On those rare occasions when I'm not in my studio, I can probably be found in a funky, artsy cafe, a sweet thrift store scouring for vintage items, or doing any number of things that probably involves making something, learning something, growing something, building something, designing, decorating, or sewing something.

Did I mention that I'm an avid recycler who's constantly reusing, upcycling and feverishly living a sustainable life? 

Do stay plugged into Tracyville to partake of my art, handmade goods, tutorials and much more. It's all about happy, breezy, fun times!

Many thanks for visiting my little creative neighborhood on the web! :)


Feel free to email me at tracyvart@yahoo.com. You can also find me at the following places: 


  1. Hi Tracy! I stumbled across your blog and let me just say that you are quite the artist! I love this space you have here. You are inspiring. Keep up the great work. I'll definitely be visiting again!

  2. Wow! Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm so glad you found me and please do come back and visit. I look forward to that. Thanks again!


  3. Hi Tracy, I like what you've done with the place here. May I link to your blog from http://communityvillageus.weebly.com/artists.html

  4. Hiya Glenn. Glad you like it. Sure. Linkage would be great. Thanks for the kindness and linkage!

  5. Hiya Glenn. Glad you like it. Sure. Linkage would be great. Thanks for the kindness and linkage!

  6. love your things and your story. What I love the most is the diversity...very rare to find.

    1. Thank you Chonteau for the lovely comments. I truly appreciate your kindness and I'm glad you found me. Thanks again!!