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Tee Hive Soaps are handcrafted, natural soap bars that are made in very small batches and made to order. Since they are handcrafted, each bar may differ slightly in appearance from those pictured and may differ from batch to batch, thus, making them one-of-a-kind. 
My soap bars are free from artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, etc and may contain ingredients that include any number of the following (depending on what kind of soap it is): coconut oil, olive oil, goat's milk, cocoa butter, shea butter, glycerin, organic palm oil, purified water, *sodium hydroxide (*required to turn oils into soap, required to make soap, not present in the final product). 
Each bar is scented with only natural, plant based, essential oils such as vanilla, lavender, mint, orange, rosemary etc, and the colors in each bar derives from either the base ingredients, or natural plant based powders such as cinnamon, beet powder, carrot root powder, tumeric, etc. Note: colored soaps are on the way.
If you have not tried handcrafted soaps, this will be a treat for your body to experience the difference these soaps can make with your skin, as compared to commercial soaps that are filled with harmful chemicals.  Come check out what's in the shop.

Tee Hive soap bars are packaged with a decorative band, featuring my signature, original artwork and hand lettered messages that are meant to uplift, inspire, entertain and bring joy.

While researching handmade soaps, I came across tons of soap makers and packaging and knew immediately that I wanted to do something totally different from what I saw. Being an illustrator, the natural thing for me was to illustrate my brand. I wanted my packaging to be as natural as the soap themselves, with no intervention of computers, so I hand illustrated and hand lettered the labels, as to achieve a truly hand . made aesthetic, that featured inspirational and fun messages. I also thought about how they'd look on store shelves next to their soapy neighbors and I wanted them to pop out at people and make folks not only question/investigate what they were, but hopefully pull them off the shelves and take them home. 

The marriage of handcrafted soap and hand generated packaging, create a highly original brand of soap bar, that makes a fabulously unique gift for yourself and your loved ones! 
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Tee Hive Soaps were created due to changes in my skin and hair - particularly my hair. I wanted to break the habit of buying/using commercial soaps and detergent shampoos and help my body externally, as I was helping it internally, as it transitioned into the process of aging - better known as that which shall not be named. 

Back in the day, I used pure olive oil soap on my skin and hair with remarkable results, but somewhere along the line, I got lost in the world of toxic commercial soaps. I wanted [and needed] to return to an all natural soap product and since I make everything...tuh daaah, Tee Hive Soaps was born. 


Important: handmade soap will last longer if kept dry between uses. Please use a draining soap dish and keep it away from direct streams of water. 

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